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Clown Molly Penny walking in cooridor with hospitalized child dressed as a clownMolly Penny, a.k.a. Ruth Cull, a Nurse, and Therapeutic Clown at Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa [See Vol 11-4 for full article]

If hospital administrators could spend ten minutes viewing their hospitals through the eyes of a hospital clown, there would be a clown in every corner of their hospitals. Everyone is happy to see a clown. No one walks by without smiling. It is not so much our antics, or circus skills, or our jokes -- the clown personifies the vulnerability and sweetness of life. We connect with that inner child that is inside of everyone just dying to get out and play.

There is a difference between being funny and being fun. When you are fun to be with, you are sharing your joy.

It is easy to hug a clown, and easy to talk to a hospital clown. I think children see us somewhere between their favorite aunt and a teddy bear - gentle, and not threatening, funny, and ready to play with anything and anyone.

"As a clown I am already vulnerable -- it is my nature, so I listen with all my heart. I call it "Open Heart Listening." I hold the hands of comatose patients and hug those grieving. I have therapy sessions between a puppet and an angry child. All of it is spontaneous and in the clown's tradition of unconditional love. When my heart is open, the whole hospital becomes one grand improvisational play. I have learned to trust my clown character and that spirit that gives her energy." ~ Shobi

We are goofy -- we are clowns. But what happens in the hospital after "goofy" or because of "goofy?" What doors and windows, minds, eyes and hearts open because of goofy?

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