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Clown Noses for Care Clowns

We sell top grade sponge clown noses at wholesale prices ONLY to care clowns who give them away at not-for-profit venues, health care facilities, and humanitarian endeavors and/or sell them to support non-profit humanitarian clown events.

We sell Goshman Sponge Clown Noses to all previous Hospital Clown Newsletter Subscribers. For new customers we require proof of volunteer work and/or hospital identification. We do this as a fair trade practice with other clown supply vendors.
This is done as a service to care clowns and care clown communities.

The RED clown sponge noses come in bags of 50 in three sizes - Two inches and One 3/4 inches and One 1/2 inches. The red noses are the same price for all sizes. The cost depends on the quantity ordered: 100 noses (minimum order) cost $30 plus shipping. The price break comes at 500 noses ($125 plus shipping) Other colors are available at additional cost ~ Please contact Shobi at ClownShobi at gmail dot com for orders

To purchase less than 50 or to purchase only a few retail clown noses try the Online Store.
Make sure you are buying Goshman Noses. The cheaper ones will disappoint you! To order smaller amounts Shobi recommends Clown Antics online store which has been in the clown pleasing business since 1988 www.ClownAntics.com This is Shobi's favorite place to get everything!

New Style String Clown Nose

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