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Life is a spiritual journey. I will share with you what comes across my path and I would hope that you will do the same. The stories we share are our hope and inspiration. Our shares are the footpaths of our journey. We need to tell our stories. They are for us, the heart to heart connection, the bond of spirit, the rise of consciousness, the merging into the universe. When we share our stories with others, we share the flame of our love. -- Shobi
This newsletter was published and printed from 1995 to 2010 and contains Volumes 1 through Vol. 12, No.2 The newsletter is no longer being printed and mailed. This website will now have current articles and links to current stories and adventues of Clowns in Community and World Service.

The Newsletter contains experiences, stories, props, routines, and articles by caring clowns and others relating to clowns in service in health care facilities and compassionate service around the world. We want to share our work, so we can expand and grow and encompass the world with our JOY.

The Newsletter archives are in PDF format and free for all to download. However, please be aware that copyright rules apply. The entire contents of this website is protected under copyright law. No reproduction is permitted without written consent of The Hospital Clown Newsletter © Copyright 1995 - 2012 by Shobhana Schwebke. All rights reserved.

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