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Front Page of Vol 8 No 2 featuring Roly Bain and Payaso con Corazon (Heart)May 2003

Vol. 8, No. 1

Now Let Us Play! from Roly Bains of Bristol UK

Roly is an ordained priest who founded the "Holy Fools" in 1982 and "ran away" to circus school in 1990. He plays not only in church, but in schools, prisons, and hospitals - a sacred play between audience and clown, sacred being the essence of the human spirit -- love.

Los Payasos Con Corazon ~ Clowns with Heart Visit Mexico . . . . . This article is in four parts. See below

"What a happy group of clowns. Some of the clowns are “seasoned hospital clowns.” For some clowns, it was their first experience in a hospital. For some it was there first time clowning at all! And for all of the clowns, it was a fun and inspiring."

2 - Los Payasos con Corazon -- clowns share their stories

3 - Viva El Amor - Long Live Love, a visit to Villa De Los Ninos

4 - The Creation of Payasos con Corazon Trip

Being There - Excerpt from above article about being present with patients.

The Hygiene Mind Set, from Shobi Dobi

Front Page of Vol 8 No 2 featuring the Shrine Clowns and Anita ThiesAugust 2003

Vol. 8, No. 2

The Selfless Service of the Shrine Clowns Who They are and What They Do

Shobi did a lot of research for this article and found some interesting comments: From the World Wide Web anonymously!

“They [Shriners] have entered some vaguely Oriental third stage of life — so what if they're going on that journey in mini-cars? Their spiritual quest embraces a personality-obliterating goofiness that makes them better people. It's self-mortification with an American spin — it's fun! They're an anonymous mass of do-gooders who aren't after individual recognition."

A Trans-Siberian Clown Odyssey form Bill Waters of Marquette Michigan

Clowning with Care in Nursing Homes --from Anita "Toot" Thies

Clowning Helped Set Me Free ~ Laura "Pixie" Haldane

Kootenai Medical Center Smile Squad, from Vicki Ball and Brian Babcock of Coeur d'Arlene, Idaho

Dressing to Fit the Occasion - Clown "costumes"

Everyone Could Use a Little Box of Kisses - How to Make One

Front Page of Vol 8 No 3 featuring the Theodora Children's Trust of the UKDecember 2003

Vol. 8, No. 3

Theodora Children's Trust

The Fondation Theodora which is based in Switzerland has clowns in Belarus, Italy, South Africa, Hong Kong, Turkey, Spain, France and the United Kingdom. In this newsletter we meet the UK clowns of Theodors Children's Trust, A London based charity.

The Theodora Trust Clowns

Nine of the Theodora Trust Clowns from England share their experience and stories.

Caring Clowns of the Okanagan Valley, Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

Cruise Ship Delivers the Clowns . . . Again, from Bart Marcy

Five minutes with a Pocket Handerchief

Front Page of Vol 8 No 4 featuring Patch Adams Clown Ambassador trip to CambodiaMarch 2004

Vol. 8, No. 4

Over Here and Over There, the Clowns are Coming . . . Clowning in Cambodia

What Patch Adam's Means to America. . . and to the World, by Jan Thatcher Adams, M.D.

Deep Clowning, by John Glick, M.D.

Gin Gin, The Dancing Clown - with Roots in the Air

Clowns in the Mezzagiorno from Bill Waters

The Red Nose Bridgade in Israel -- from Linda Sweig of Chicago, Illinois

Stillness in Jamaica Goodwill Clowns Jamaica

How to Build a Kazzo Band - from Pricilla Mooseburger

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