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Front Page of Vol 7 No 1  showis of Clowns on Rounds from Albany New YorkMarch 2002

Vol. 7, No. 1

Clowns on Rounds, a hospital clown program which covers the entire Capitol Region of Upstate New York

A Bomb of Love for Afghanistan

This clown mission was conceived in Rome by documentary film-maker Stefano Moser and Sarina Roveta. The City of Rome funded the trip, and persuaded a host of organizations to donate 10 tons of medical supplies, school equipment, clothing and food which the clowns distributed. Twenty-one clowns from Italy, Netherlands, Australia, Japan, USA, and South Africa went on the mission including Patch Adams

Caring Clowns at Ground Zero from Carol Chesney and Claudia Boerst

Called to Clown, Jan "Jaepers" Kerr shares her experiences at Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children, Wilmington, Delaware

Giving of My Clown Heart -- from Shobi Dobi

A Perfect Memory at Ronald MacDonald House] by Sammy's Mom - Sally Joy Rubin

Front Page of Vol 7 No 2 showing some of the clowns  in the Therapeutic Clown Program at Toronto's Hospital for Sick ChildrenJuly 2002

Vol. 7, No. 2

The Therapeutic Clown Program at The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada

Guiding Hands by Stephanie McKinnon McDade

A report on a day with Child Life Worker Deborah Padberg, of Kaiser Hospital

They Saw Us As Something from Another Planet -- Afghanistan Revised Includes: Dust in Afghanistan by Eve Ensler

Clowns R Us by Thelma "Happy" Miller -- Rockland County RSVP Clown Program

The Hospital Clown - A View from the Other Side by Beth A Kolotkin. Beth began clowning with terminally ill children after losing her own son to cancer

The Magic of Magic by Shobi Dobi

Front Page of Vol 7  No 3 showing somr the of the Red Nose Brigades  - Traveling clownsNovember 2002

Vol. 7, No. 3

The Red Nose Brigades. Traveling clowns

One of New York’s Finest . . . Clowns in Israel -- Michael Fandal “Ernst Desire the Clown,” a retired New York Police Officer on a recent caring clown trip to Israel

Clowns of Hope -- Clowns Revisit Ground Zero a year later (September 2002)

Hospitalskloven ~ Danish Hospital Clowns -- Report on the Danish Hospital clowns visited by Shobi.

The Hospital Clown: Friend, Fellow Human Being and Entertainer -- Article from Bent Eilkard which was published in the Journal of the Danish Medical Association.

Den Folsomme Joke - The Sensitive Joker by Pernille Plaetner, Danish journalist

De Splittergale - The Crazy Ones A group of psychiatric patients that meet to sing and play and most of all to encourage each other towards healing. (Shobi loved them!)

Red Noses Create a Tour Detour in Mexico and Clowns to St. Petersburg, from Bart Marcy

Music, A Key to the Heart. Musical Instruments to buy and to make.

Front Page of Vol 7 No 4 featuring Therapeutic Humor ProgramsFebruary 2003

Vol. 7, No. 4

The Comedy Connection at Morton Plant Mease Health Center

Includes: Leslie Gibson and the Humor Cart; and

Good Grief: Moving from Grief to Comic Relief by Leslie Gibson; and

The Smile Team’s Vision -- A group of clowns who clown with The Hospice of the Florida Suncoast

The Therapeutic Humor Program at Rochester General Hospital from Debbie Nupp Cheerios the Clown

Hillcrest Health System Therapeutic Humor Program - Waco Texas.

. . . With a Smile Through It All. From Elaine Vercellone

Courage and Commitment, Saying “Yes” to Life in the Face of Fear by Shobi Dobi

HIPAA is not about a Hippopotamus: The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and what it means for Hospital Clowns.

Appropriate Caring Clown Make-up from Shobi Dobi

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