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Front Page Vol 12 No 2 featuring Albert Alter and   Camp Winnarainbow Adult CampApril 2009

Vol. 12, No. 1

Albert Alter, aka Clem, Fool of Portland Oregon

Albert shares his experience, routines, tricks and treats as a solo clown in Portland Oregon's Children's hospitals since 2000.

Love in One of Its Purest Manifestations

~ Spring Break in Guatemala, a Gesundheit Global Outreach, from Joseph Redman of Satin, Texas

Fabrica De Sonrisas

Factory of Happiness and Joy, Guatemala. A large group of volunteer hospital and community clowns

Camp Winnarainbow

A circus/arts camp for kids (the first week is for adults)

Clowns Don't Forget to Debrief

From Neal C. Goldberg, PhD and Debbie Nupp, L.P.N

Clowns and Invisible Illnesses from Le Rire Medicin, France

How can we help a child who suffers from an illness that no one can see?

Front Page of Vol 12 No 2 featuring The Upliftment Programe of South AfricaDecember 2010

Vol. 12, No. 2

The UPliftment Programe of South Africa

A Care Clowning and Joy Activating organization in South Africa.. . . "Great Bliss is found when we share joy with another." Nikki Jackman, Founder and Project Cheerleader of "The UP." Interview with Nikki and stories from the Care Clowns.

Please check out their video on YouTube.
"Laughter Is the Language of the World"

See also a new video (June 2014) on YouTube
"Upliftment Project - Doctor's Orders"

Bubblz the Math Clown

From Caroline Ainslie aka Bubblz the Clown of
London, England

Bubblz teaches math with balloons and bubbles.

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