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Front Page of Vol 10 No 1  featuring John Tuner's Clown Farm and Caring Clowns InternationalSeptember 2005

Vol. 10, No. 1

Love and Magic at the Clown Farm

Shobi’s experience of “Baby Clown" Workshop, (Clown through Mask) with John Turner on his farm on Manitoulin Island, in Lake Huron, Ontario Canada.

Richard Pochinko, and Clown through Mask

From Pochinko to Pediatrics

Kathleen Le Roux, aka Doko the clown Therapeutic Clown at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, Canada

Mump & Smoot aka Michael Kennard and John Turner

Excerpts from an interview with John Turner ("Smoot")

Caring Clowns International

This Caring Clown Group based in Washington State travels around the world sharing love, joy and hope.

Behind the Grease Paint

A clown’s Chronicle in Vietnam from Jed Selter/Duffy the Clown

The Giggling Grannies

Sharlene Pansy Stahl, Boise, Idaho, spread joy in their community

Swinging Between the Trees . . . The Art and Joy of Hospital Clowning

An improv-based hospital clown training program from Jeannie Lindheim of Boston MA

The Daily Activity of the Caring Clown

Johnny Sunshine and Pixie Sprite, (John and Laura Haldane of Mesa Arizona) take their clowning with them in their daily life.

Front Page of Vol 10 No 2 featuring Moshe Cohen and Clowns Without BordersJanuary 2006

Vol. 10, No. 2

Mr YooWho and Clowns Without Borders

CWB brings celebration "Laughter is a celebration of the Joy of the Spirit", Include short bio of Moshe Cohen aka Mr. YooWhoo [large file - be patient]

Travels with Selena McMahan

In the Wake of Huricane Katrina (click below)

Thoughts from Shobi "Respect, Humbleness, Service" and "Playing the Moment"

People may forget what you said, they may forget what you did . . . but they will never forget how you made them feel. Stories from clowns at Katrina shelters and Excerpts from Moshe's Journal

The Power of the Red Nose: The Sneak Attack. Arne Swensen at the Phoenix Coliseum Shelter

. . and for those who couldn't travel . . they did Fun Risers

For the Love of Eloise

In memory of Eloise Cole, Care Clown and Bereavement therapist. [See article about Eloise: Rainbow’s Remedy vol 4-2 and FEAR, vol 5-1; ]

A Page of Shtick

Pickle Power from Mickle the Pickle, Shobi's Ultimate Hat, A modern Clown User Guide by Alan Clay reviewed. amd Inspiration from Suzy Hammer of Delray Beach, Florida

Front Page of Vol 10 No 3 featuring  the Smile Mission and Lev Leytzn Compassionate Clown Alley TeamJune 2006

Vol. 10, No. 3

World Wide Smile Mission

Taking smiles to anywhere worldwide where a smile is desperatelyneeded.

Inspiring Youth to Compassion

Lev Leytzn (Heart of a Clown) The Compassionate Clown Alley Teen Group takes their msessage to Israel from Neal Goldberg of Woodemere, NY aka "Schnookums

Gesundheit: Institute Spring Break to Peru

by John Glick. a.k.a. “Jawknee”

The Bolaroja Clown Doctors of Peru

Patch Adams Annual Healing through Humor Russia Tour

From Joseph Redman of Satin, Texas

Front page of Vol 10 no 4 showing the orginal Bumper T ClownsJanuary 2006

Vol. 10, No. 4

Bumper "T" Caring Clowns Approach

Volunteers in hospitals in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland serving local community hospitals, as well as, major teaching medical hospitals.

The Bumper "T" Clowns and Couple Clowns

Their stories, their shtick (two parts above)

God Lives . . . . . . Under the Bed

My brother Kevin . . . . from Anonymous and Shobi

Good to Grow . . . Opening Up to Children with Disabilities. . . "They just play with a toy a little differently."

"Just Listen," an excerpt from Rachel Naomi Remen's book, Kitchen Table Wisdom

What People Laugh At . . By Charlie Chaplin (1918)

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